Essay on Why I Am A Middle School

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When I was in middle school I never really took any photos on a digital camera so I don’t have a lot of photos where I can look at and just talk about them but in my head I can go back to when I was thirteen years old starting middle school. In my head I can go back and see everything and go back to that journey. Why thirteen? Well I picked the time around middle school because around that time is when i was thirteen, I experienced a lot within myself and I as trying to find who I was. In the photo there’s this stranger with her “friend” who is now my best friend posing and smiling, I cannot remember everything that happened that day since this was a couple years ago but I do remember we decided we wanted to take photos right after school. When I first entered middle school I didn’t know how it was going to go because they were so many kids from different schools. I didn’t know if they were nice or not, at that time I was just hanging out with my friends from elementary school .When I was in middle school I experienced a lot with my friends, I had a good set of friends and I got along with everybody. At that time I was getting a feel of everything meaning I was seeing how people react to situations. I got to see who was real my friends and who can I trust, but when you are thirteen you give your trust to everyone because you don’t really know what trust is until you get older. I was friends with a lot of people I didn’t worry about who I can trust and who I couldn’t…

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