Why I Am A Medical Doctor Essay

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Not many childhood dreams persist from childhood to adulthood but my wish to be a medical doctor has remained unwavering. The only thing that changed over the years as my understanding of medicine broadened is what kind of doctor I would like to be. I did whatever I thought would bring me closer to that reality. Years later, I got accepted to study medicine at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.
I was grateful for this opportunity and as with everything I do in life, I gave it my best effort. From the pre-clinical years of understanding how the human body functioned to the clinical years of actually seeing how that fund of knowledge transformed a sick person’s life, I gained a deep respect for this profession and resolved to one of the best in the field globally. I excelled in my academics and was one of the few students in the final year that were granted a university scholarship to do a three-month Medicine and Surgery exchange program in three hospitals in Brooklyn, New York.
My experience in New York was a life-changing one. Having always been an analytical mind, I was able to draw parallels between the practice I had observed in Nigeria and that in New York. Prior to this time, I shared the frustrations of my attendings who after articulating an excellent, theory-rich analysis of a patient’s illness and detailing the right investigations and treatment almost helplessly watch patients die from treatable causes because of the paucity of equipment…

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