Why I Am A Friend Essay

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I was born in Melbourne at the Jesse Mac hospital on the 2/2/1980. When I was growing up I loved telling people that on the 2/2/2002 I would be turning 22!
As a baby I lived in a flat in Fitzroy with my parents. My parents bought a house in Black Rock when I was two, which I lived in until I was 18. I went to Black Rock Kindergarten when I was three and four. I then went to Black Rock Primary School from Prep to Year Six and Mentone Girls’ Secondary from Year Seven to Year Twelve.
I have some memories of going to kindergarten. My mum tells me that I was incredibly social and was always wanting to ask friends back to play. I established a friendship with a girl called Jess and we were best friends growing up. Our parents were also really good friends and socialised a lot on the weekends. I recall at kinder playing memory games, where we needed to name items that were taken away or added to the tray. I also remember making my dad something for Father’s Day. It was an activity where we were sewing with wool and cardboard, I remember using the colours of his football team. My card went wrong and really didn’t look like I wanted it to, so I recall explaining to him that they were tangled fish swimming in the ocean.
As teachers we model writing to help inspire the children with their own writing pieces. Earlier this year we were writing autobiographies and this is what I wrote about the arrival of my sister when from my point of view when I was four years old.
An alien arrives…

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