Why I Am A Friend Essay

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Somethings are a blessing in disguise, and it took me awhile to realize that my six year old brother needing emergency surgery on his appendix brought my family closer together. I remember coming home from school on a wednesday night mad at my mom for not letting me go and get chinese with my friends after school. She told me that I needed to come home right after school. I had seriously considered going anyways. My mom has a part time job so I knew she would be home around four, leaving me plenty of time to go and get chinese. But I decided it was not worth it and so I decided to go home. As I was trying and find a good snack to eat I started to check my phone. As I look through my messages I see that my dad has texted me three times. I originally did not want to read them, I had figured it would be an elaborate task he needed to be done before he got home. After he texted me once more, I decided to open the messages and see what he needed me to do. He did not give me an elaborate task.
His text said: Hey, Harry is at the doctor because of this stomach, It’s his appendix. His messages were calm but I was scared of not knowing what could happen if something went wrong. I then replied to my dad: Okay what is going to happen? After a couple minutes he then replied to me saying that my brother was going to need surgery to have his appendix taken out. His appendix had ruptured and infection had been floating around near is organs causing him to be sick. Now knowing that, it…

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