Why I Am A Doctor Essay

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Three words identify me: Gujarati, 1st generation, and the eldest. One thing I learned from being identified with these words is the importance of my family. It is from them I get my support and motivation to keep trying, even if all odds are against me. More importantly, it was because of my family that I am here in the United States having an opportunity to study and to pursue a dream or rather goals, despite being a woman and being part of a low cast group. My family gave me the opportunity; now I want to use this opportunity to study medicine so I can give back to my family by aiding or at least providing guidance for their health. However, coming to this firm decision to become a doctor took a gradual process.

When I was 9 years old, I always wanted to be a spy or detective because I loved the innovative gadgets spies used. However, seventh grade open doors to the field of science. From then, I wanted to pursue a career that involved studying science, working based off of clues, and in a way providing service to the community. Throughout high school and the first two years of college, I volunteered at St. Mary’s Hospital, specifically in the ICU and recovery room. Even though I did not get as much patient contact, I learned what it meant by patient care from the experts—the nurses. They dealt with all kinds of patients (heavy, light, rude, and polite) and I believe, there was no challenge they cannot handle. The day at the ICU that I will not forget is when I…

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