Why I Am A Doctor Essay

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My family was one of the first families to come out of our lovely village of Balaghat and settle in a big city like Hyderabad. All my life, I saw my parents taking in my relatives and friends who would come from our village trying to make it big in the city. I saw how fulfilled and happy it made them, to be able to help out and make a difference in other people’s lives. So I decided early on that I would choose a path with purpose. Watching my own doctor bring back his patients from the brink of death and the impact it had on their lives made me realize that being a doctor would put me in a position where I would have the biggest and the most personal impact on people 's lives and give me the ultimate sense of fulfillment.

I entered medical school with the most enthusiastic attitude and with the single focus of absorbing every modicum of medical knowledge. But I quickly realized that medicine was a multifaceted mystery which would require effort from every single mental and physical faculty I possessed. I learnt from my surgical and obstetrics residents and professors that having stamina and will-power was just as crucial to the practice of medicine as having the knowledge to treat. I learned the value of patience from my psychiatry rotation and the difference having a good foundation in basic sciences could make to practicing applied medicine.

But I recognized my calling when I started my Internal Medicine rotation. The amount of knowledge I received, the deep and…

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