Why I Am A Doctor Or An Engineer Essay

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There are many different methods and mechanics of writing, and frankly, I 'm not an expert of these skills. I have the ability to write, however, I lack the ability to write clearly. My thoughts on a normal writing assignment; more specifically and argumentative essay just flourish out of my head, like a hose that that can never be turned of. The clarity of my writing reflects both the organization of my writing as well as how I comprehend and receive ideas. The way I will will increase my writings clarity, is by thinking about the subject first and then go on to making an outline. The outline will help me spread my ideas out in front of me, as if it were proof read beforehand. With this method of practice I will be able to look back on my main ideas and check whether I have reached the correct objective of every subject from every line, from every paragraph.

While I’m am often asked whether I want to be a doctor or an engineer, I often first think what college do I wish to attend. The first step in this endeavor is to read more about different fields. I then will direct these fields by what interests me the most. Though, I may not have enough time to choose my major, I still have the time I have before I go to college. Once I have looked at a vast amount of fields one can enter as a career, i will consequently, research what are the best schools for this field. This is the most important step, due to the fact that the work I do now counts for my…

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