Why I Am A College Degree Essay

1134 Words Jul 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Ladies and Gentleman, the next four sentences are the shocking truth. I’ll never forget that jaw-dropping winter evening. As I sit glued to my TV watching the Cable News Network (CNN). The astounding blurb, I heard, knocked me off of my feet. I jumped up from my recliner, and I said, “Oh my God! What is our world coming to? In ten years, every job would require a college degree.” I was appalled that a local hospitality manager, at a popular fast food chain, said that he would stop hiring employees who didn’t have a college degree. His decision to restrict fast food employment to college graduates, I thought, was discriminative. While I struggled to comprehend why the hospitality manager broadcasted his stunning decision, I researched scholarly articles that identified the significance to having a college degree. I discovered that the manager took a courageous and bold stand to join other prestigious scholars who viewed a college degree as crucial. I located an excerpt from an article of a professional businessperson (global leader in news distribution) who said, “Today, bachelor 's degree holders can expect median lifetime earnings approaching $2.3 million. By comparison, workers with just a high school diploma average roughly $1.3 million, which translates into a little more than $15 per hour.” The business investor’s comment held my curiosity, but I still wasn’t sold that obtaining a college degree was critical. I guess…

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