Why Hydro Power Is Influential? Supporting A Movement Towards Using Renewable Energy

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That is why hydro-power is influential in supporting a movement towards using renewable energy.
Solar Power
Solar power is a form of renewable energy that is beneficial to the consumer. The government is well aware of the public’s concern to reduce high energy cost while the overall need for energy has increased. It is argued that switching to solar power will cost the consumer more and also be more of an embarrassment for them to have bulky technology attached to their homes. However, this statement was disproven through the Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Grants (SERC) study. SERC was created to analyze the benefits of renewable energy technologies. Through the use of these grants, renewable energy systems that focused on solar power were installed in multiple homes. According to Walton (2014), photovoltaic systems and solar thermal systems provided lower cost for customers who could compare their bills to bills from their past electric companies. It was also determined that the photovoltaic system and solar thermal system users found that they benefited not only monetarily but by having increased comfort, more bragging rights, and a better sense of environmental awareness. This study, SERC, conducted by the government has shown that solar power homes are more beneficial to the customer and should become a common practice worldwide. Providing customers access to solar power is very beneficial.
Solar power is the strongest type of energy source. Nuclear…

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