Why Human Religions Are Many When The Higher Power As A Form Of A Single Entity Or Experience

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In many core religions today, people praise a higher power in a form of a single entity or experience. However, all religions have different perspectives and practice in relating to their own higher power. In the exploration of Professor Hick’s articles, he explains why human religions are many when the higher power is singular. In exploring, “God Has Many Names” and “Toward a Philosophy of Religious Pluralism,” the audience has a better understanding of the concept of why religions are many.
One major explanation that Hick’s offers is that information changes depending on how one views the information being presented. For example, one could see a leaf falling from a tree and perceive it as red, while another person could see that same leaf and view the leaf as brown. As Hick’s explains through the scientific process, “In such cases the same information is being expressed in a variety of ways. And whenever there is transformation form one coding to another there is possibility of distortion on the information” (Toward, 101). To summarize this quote, because of the way each individual perceive information there is more room for distortions, which creates religious diversity around the world. Therefore, the information we perceive is different compared to others.
It is well known that human experiences shape our own beliefs and values. On an individual level humans are the ones who have created their own version of one higher power based on their own experiences and reality.…

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