Essay about Why Homework Should Not Be Banned On Public Schools

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Michael comes home from school with an hour worth of practice problems to complete. He completes the practice problems for he knows that it will help him to comprehend the material. Olivia notices that completing her assignments has been helping her to improve in class. After teaching for over twenty years, Mrs.Beckett has come to find that homework has helped to encourage her students to be strong workers in order to obtain what they desire. These three conditions are reasons as to why homework should not be banished in public schools. As many people have become skeptic to the benefits of homework, for example one elementary school in the San Francisco bay area banishing homework (Conroy, par. 2), there are many benefits of homework. Since homework was first introduced to the public school system, it clearly became a positive addition to the school system as it has been practiced for decades. Three reasons prove that homework should not be banned in public schools. Homework is a repetition that serves as the key to learning, it improves academic performance, as well as teaches students life skills. Though many may view the negatives of homework, there are far more benefits outweighing the negatives. Certainly, homework should not be banned from the public school system.

To begin, it has been phrased many times that repetition is the key to learning; homework is just that, a repetition that furthers one’s learning. Repetition is an act that begins from the time of infancy…

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