Why Higher Education Is Important Essay

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Why Higher Education is important to me In 1986, my mother journeyed to a foreign land to study at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Eight years later, when she graduated, she earned two degrees, numerous amounts of work experience and a husband to boot! She would later finish her educational journey by earning a master 's degree from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. She would later use the experience of obtaining the degrees to aid me in my education journey. My mom has given my so much in the way of advice, school choices and overall love. To walk across that stage with my degree and view her smile and say " I 'm proud of you son" is one reason why higher education is important to me. Knowledge is power. That sentence is repeated so many times it has become a cliché. But what does it mean? Does knowledge legitimately equal power? If so, then higher education seeks to give more people access to great power. From the smallest rural junior college, to the Ivy League institutions of higher learning, such as Harvard and Yale, all colleges and universities serve the same purpose, giving people knowledge, thereby aiding them in attaining great power. Why is higher education important to me? Because I believe that college is the place to go to learn and grow and become a well-rounded person, who when confronted with beliefs contrary to his, knows to listen to the beliefs and ideas and attempt to discuss them in an open setting,…

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