Why Higher Education Is Important For Success Essay

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Why is higher education the key to success? People agree with the fact that higher education is the key to success; however there are still many people on the opposing side who believe higher education is not always the key to success, though there are people on the opposing side, there are many reasons why higher education is the key. Higher education offers more jobs to choose from, improving an individual’s quality of life; in fact, higher education offers degrees not just leading into a job but to a career. Therefore, higher education is the key to success. First, higher education offers graduates more jobs to choose from; in fact, researchers say a higher education graduate makes $50,000 more than a high school diploma graduate who will earn $30,000. It is true people feel like they can get an job without a degree and perhaps that can be true in some cases, but for the ones who are searching for a job with only a high school diploma struggle, because now a days companies are looking for a higher education degree. For instance getting a liberal arts degree benefits a lot of graduates after college. Sanford J. Ungar says, “That a growing number of corporations, including some in highly technical fields, are headed by people with liberal-arts degrees” (192). This shows that corporations are starting to look for people with a liberal-arts degree, which follows by having a higher education. Ungar says, “In liberal arts, students learn not just to make a living, but also to…

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