Why Higher Education And Employment Rates Have A Close Relationship?

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Why does higher education and employment rates have a close relationship? In response to demand trends between the global economy and the workplace, companies need recent graduates to be able to work quickly, and then lead to changes of higher education purposes. The development of higher education is changing from academic skills to professional skills in recent years. Even though some, such as Devine (2006), claim that the universities should focus on the academic and moral education, but most students believe that the main point of higher education is tantamount to get a good job. This essay will explore the debate that higher education should be preparing students for the workforce. It will argue that three theories: (1) a method of good careers, (2) socioeconomic demand, (3) a springboard for the poor.

In today 's society, government, parents and students believe that students are admitted to an outstanding college to get a good job in the future. As a result of this, higher education which was focused on the academic, instruction, explanation and virtues are being converted to focus on economic growth and substantial financial benefits. Even some educators had given up their moral determination, and excessive emphasis on utilitarian for university (Schwartz, 2003). For example, the fourth idea of national basic education of Taiwan said multiple intelligence, student 's aptitude and interest, and then find their own approach to continue their studies or successful…

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