Essay about Why High School Students Drop Out

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Why High School Students Drop Out
Its graduation night, and the moths nipping at the street lights aren’t the only active flying insects. Inside a sprawling auditorium, filled to rafters with family, friends, and faculty the butterflies have taken up residence in the future graduates stomachs. There is an overwhelming feeling of pride, happiness, and accomplishment in the air. Camera flashes shimmer like distant stars across the crowd as spectators reserve memories for later recollection. Satin caps and gowns shine bright under the venue’s lights, and the bearers of those gowns have the most ecstatic of faces.
Another school year has come to a close, and it is now time to bestow a certificate of completion to the anxious graduating class. This moment will be held in high regards by most until some other similar accomplishment replaces the feat in the future. Unfortunately, every student that attends a high a school does not get to partake in the annual festivities. Some students have an insufficient amount of credits to graduate, others may have disciplinary reasons, and some just were unsuccessful in their efforts at being a pupil.
Being a successful student in high school is a challenge that many of teenagers in
America face every school year. Year in and year out, parents, teachers, and Uncle Sam eagerly monitor students’ progress while attending school. While some students flourish and display basic competency required in order to attain a graduate certificate, other…

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