Why Happiness Should Be A Global Priority Essay

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Happiness is the value of life as every individual experiences it. Being happy holds value and is an important measure of success for countries, regardless of their level of financial growth. It tells the world whether citizens have satisfying and fulfilling lives. Therefore, knowledge of the reasons of happiness assists policymakers in choosing policy goals that function to meet the essential needs of their people. In addition, happiness is a key element of the other ambitions that policy-makers aim to meet. Personal resilience forecasts scholastic performance better than a measure of IQ does and higher well being improves work performance and workers ' earnings (Layard, "Why Happiness Should Be a Global Priority", 3). In contrast, depression and anxiety account for 40% of underperformance in the workplace, 40% of time taken off from work and 40% of disability (Layard, "Why Happiness Should Be a Global Priority", 3). Their total cost adds up to 10% of GDP (Layard, "Why Happiness Should Be a Global Priority", 3). Greater happiness raises life expectancy whereas depression reduces life expectancy as considerably as smoking does (Layard, "Why Happiness Should Be a Global Priority", 3).
Happiness is a major factor in achieving many of our chief social objectives. After 30 years of research by scientists on the causes and benefits of happiness, a lot is known concerning what affects happiness. The primary influences are economic, personal/social and environmental. Economically,…

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