Should Guns Be Banned In Schools Essay

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"Blood is everywhere. I do not see the gun. I have him down. ... I need help now" (Ohlheiser). These are words no one should ever have to hear. It is no wonder why so many people want to see gun rights abolished. It is an understandable response to a powerless situation. However, it is not the answer. Guns save lives and someone who is in the right place at the right time could potentially prevent a parent or family member from ever having to hear those deathly words.
So it would seems that due to the number of school shootings and shootings in general, talk of banning guns has erupted. There are already many laws on the books that regulate gun ownership. However, criminals need not worry about guns being banned, as the black market has no
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Though everyone seems to have their own opinion on the best course of action in preventing these tragedies, the America people need to put their opinions aside and focus on the facts. It is undoubtable that a criminal with a gun has the upper hand against unarmed citizens. Our schools are being targeted for this very reason. Until researchers can address the root causes of these shootings and determine if there is a viable solution the need for having guns on school campuses will remain. The federal government needs to take action and redact gun free zone legislation, until such a solution can be enacted. It is in best interests of the United States and its citizens to be proactive against an active shooter situation. Armed citizens can buy the precious time needed for the police to arrive. The American people simply cannot afford to sit idly by and watch as more and more of the youth fall victim to school shootings unnecessarily. Otherwise, get conferrable with these words "Blood is everywhere. I do not see the gun. I have him down. ... I need help now" (Ohlheiser), as we may never stop hearing the frantic pleas of unarmed

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