Why Gun Control Laws Be Enacted Essays

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Gun Control Essay Owning firearms has been a part of life in America long before its independence in 1776. Back then firearms were a part of everyday life used for hunting and self defense. This everyday usage even went as far as having the head of every household, including women to own guns and requiring all able-bodied men to enlist in the militia. Now in light of recent mass shootings the question of: “Should more gun control laws be enacted” is being asked nationwide. Many like the idea of constructing new laws and restrictions that will make the acquisition of firearms a more laborious task. However, the issue of infringing upon the second amendment has others uneasy. More gun control laws need to be established that will ensure that the illegal purchase of firearms or the gun show loophole is no longer a problem, without encroaching upon the second amendment. There are many ways available to acquire a firearm requiring no background check the most popular of which is to purchase firearms at a gun show or online broker websites. At all other retail stores across the nation a background check is required and must be approved for purchase. Rejection of a background check constitutes that the individual; has mental health issues, was dishonorably discharged, or is a convicted felon. Under these circumstances those who can 't pass a background check have only a few ways to get a gun; buying it at a gun show, online, buying it on the black market, or stealing it, and for…

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