Why Government Policy Has Had The Biggest Impact On Developing The West

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The day was February second 1848. The United States had just signed the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, granting them more than five hundred thousand square miles of land. What was America going to do with the new land? The land they had just received was undeveloped and arrant. Some way or another, the united state needed to develop this land quickly. Ultimately, I believe government policy has had the biggest impact on developing the west. There were several policies that the government put in place to develop the west. First, trans pacific railroad act helped create transportation to the west. Second, Homestead Act gave people a reason to move to the west. Lastly, the Dawes Act and the reservation policy is what ultimately diminished the old west and created the development of the American west. On the other hand, many would argue that the rapid growth of the gold rush is what had the greatest development of the west. During the gold rush, thousands of people moved out west searching for gold, with led to the development of towns. In the end, we will look at all of these factors and determine which one had the greatest impact.
In 1862, the trans-pacific railroad act was passed by congress. The reason congress passed this act was to create a pathway for many on the eastern side of the United States to reach the west. During this time, there were two major companies that built the transit system. The first company was the Central Pacific Railroad Company. This company would…

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