Why Good English Is Good For You Essay

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John Simon, the author of “Why Good English Is Good for You”, addresses his arguments mainly towards people who do not employ the use of proper English and those who shape their minds; Simon engages certain rhetorical choices in order to prove that good English is tremendously beneficial to all individuals. Having initially written this article for Esquire magazine, Simon was able to reach a broad audience to communicate his ideas. Throughout the majority of the article, the conversation is directed towards those who do not agree with Simon’s viewpoint. The author’s goal in writing this particular article is to show that using proper English is helpful in multiple ways: good English is achieved through commitment and self-discipline, and it allows us to efficiently convey our ideas (334).
Being a journalist himself, Simon largely uses his own personal experience and that of his colleagues in order to prove his points. With this being said, the author’s tone conveys the idea that he is knowledgeable in this subject. His overall tone can often be angry at times, showing frustration about the current use of English in America. This shows that Simon is passionate about showing people the overwhelming benefits of proper English. Since he obviously views himself as a person who employs good English, Simon tells the audience how it has helped him. This makes the reader see how it has benefited someone else, so they imagine how it could benefit his or her own life.
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