Why Gmos Should Be Banned

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By genetically modifying plants they can be made with more nutritional value, and resistant to diseases. (GMOs Good or Bad) But in many countries, GMOs are actually banned. Despite all the controversies surrounding it, GMOs are beneficial to society. Foods are made more nutritious by bio. First, GMOs can aid people in poverty. A genetically modified kind of rice has beta carotene in the grain. The human body can turn this into Vitamin A. (Are GMOs Good or Bad) Many children in third world countries are lacking Vitamin A which accounts for almost 500,000 blindness in kids and two million deaths. (Five Good Reasons to Support GMOs) Also, genetically modified crops have an increased yield of 22 percent. (Are GMOs Good or Bad) Children in poverty generally do not have enough to eat. If there are more crops to go around, more will go to people in need. But if there were a shortage of crops it would be difficult for poorer countries to afford them. For people in need GMOs are very useful. Next, genetically modified foods can be used for more nutritional value and to help the environment. Engineers modified the tomato to produce higher levels of anthocyanins. (Five …show more content…
“On average, GM technology adoption has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%”. (Five Good Reasons to Support GMOs) Pesticide are not good for humans and can get them sick. “This is because GM crops can be modified to allow more targeted use of herbicides and pesticides”. (Five Good Reasons to Support GMOs) Genetically modified plants increase farmer profits by 68 percent. (Are GMOs Good or Bad) In some countries farmers that grow the food are neglected and not paid well. The higher profit supports farmers and makes it more likely for there to be next generation farmers. Because of genetically crops less toxic substances will be used on plants and farmers will make more

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