Why Freshmen Are Not Prepared And Fail Essay

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There’s a variety of reason why Incoming freshmen are not prepared and fail to succeed in college. But the main reason why college students aren’t successful is because they have not developed a habit of planning or scheduling their everyday tasks. they think because they have more freedom and less hours of school, they can get their homework and other plans done throughout the day or at the very last minute which leaves them no choice but to spend endless nights of no sleep, be late to class and eventually feel really stressed out that they drop out the class and eventually out of college. However to successfully survive college and balance your school, homework, work, and personal time. A good strategy to help you manage all your tasks is to build a habit to create a schedule. Began by setting realistic goals to help you be motivated throughout college and life. Second create a to-do list to help you plan what you want to get done daily. Last use a planner or phone to remind you of what tasks you need to get done and help stay persistent with your work and other tasks
We all strive for success but in order to continue to have a sense of motivation to work hard, we must have a goal. Began by thinking of goals that you want to achieve in your life and that you want to work on and separate them into three specific goals: long term goals, short term goals and daily goals. Start by creating long term goals that are realistic and that you want to get done throughout your future…

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