Why Fracking Is Not Be The Most Exciting Process Essay

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Fracking may not be the most exciting process to learn about nor is it something many people want to get involved in but it 's much more important than any of those people think. Fracking is the process of extracting fossil fuels by shooting a liquid into the ground that contains known and unknown chemicals. Just reading the description of the process of fracking can be a little freaky for some people and rightfully so. If one major oil company such as Chevron Corporation made the decision to find a realistic alternative to fracking it could start the process of other major oil companies following in their footsteps. There are three steps Chevron Corp can take to start the process of putting fracking behind us and focusing on the future of energy, which is clean energy. Those three steps Chevron need to take are first, admitting fracking was a mistake and that it’s risks outweigh its economic rewards, Next, Chevron would need to make the public aware of the dangers of fracking and the importance of switching to clean energy, and lastly, Chevron needs to try to get other major oil companies on board with dropping fracking and switching to clean energy.
The first step Chevron Corp needs to take is making the initial public announcement that they are going to move away from fracking and fossil fuels as it’s too dangerous for the health of humans and the health of the environment. Although fracking has been beneficial to our economy it’s becoming clear that the risk outweighs…

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