Essay about Why Fathers Should Take Paternity Leave

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One reason why fathers should take paternity leave is because it creates an environment where a child receives many benefits. Fathers who help care for their child create an environment for a child to learn more, quicker. Additionally, children are more likely to do better in school when they have a father around from a young age. For instance, Armin Brott emphasizes “Kids whose dads took paternity leave have been shown to become more social as they grow up, perform better in school and even have higher IQ’s” (Quoted in Ball, Patrick). Furthermore, Children who had a father at home from the early stages gained the benefits needed to do better and school that will help them have a more successful life. When fathers are at home instead of at the workplace their child benefits because they produce a stronger relationship with their parents. As a result, spending less time at daycare children learn the importance of family over work as well as the importance of having a strong family connection (Jackson, Gabrielle). Similarly, strong family relationships are crucial to helping a child grow and can benefit them in many ways later on in life. When fathers are present in a child 's early stages of life, it allows the child to receive the benefits needed to do better in school while having a stronger connection to family.
Another way that children will benefit from a father taking paternity leave is by establishing a better personality. Children will have fewer behavioral problems…

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