Why Euthanasia Should Be A Simple Human Right?

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When it comes to human lives, people believe there is no black and white, but shades of gray that push us to our fate. However, the belief in right or wrong negates the whole concept and forces humans to take a stance. Euthanasia is argued to be a simple human right, but is it truly, if it means lowering doctors’ status to the executioners. “My fear is that [assisted death] will become a constant presence in healthcare settings, a big friendly mutt that lays its head in [the] lap [of the disabled] and wags its lethal invitation whenever we doubt our ability to go on”(Corbet). Therefore, Euthanasia should be eradicated throughout the United States of America, not only because it is immoral and unreasonable, but also, because it is a slippery slope to murder, it volunteers doctors for a role they …show more content…
First of all, Euthanasia should not be allowed because it is a slippery slope to murder. “Do not for one minute pretend that this is anything other than a slippery slope towards the annihilation of human beings who tax our willingness to cope with the disabled, the deformed, the grievously ill. It 's our own distress that we can 't abide, not theirs”(DiManno). Most terminally ill patients are not suffering from pain because they are under drugs that are meant to either minimize it or take it away. If most of them are impervious to pain, how does killing them reduce their suffering if they are not suffering to begin with? Belgium is a country where Euthanasia for adults is legal and a common happenstance, to the point where they are considering legalizing it for children in unbearable suffering. They have come so far as to allow Euthanasia for patients with either; chronic depression, both deaf and blind, and

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