Why Ethnic Based Studies Are Essential Essay

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Why Ethnic Based Studies are Essential “Afrocentrism is not about sympathy or insult; it is about the proper presentation of factual information in multicultural society” (Molefi Asante). African American Studies and other Ethnic based disciplines will help education in this country. Opposing to Schlesinger’s “The Disunity of America” individuals who arrived from different nations to the “new world” did not melt into one new race. Wealth, the amount of land, and most importantly race of someone determined and still determines how a person is treated. Afrocentric studies would and have helped provide a basis for which universal education could further push for the improvement of the treatment of all American people through diligent and passionate expression. Dominant academic knowledge has constructed patterns and perspectives that have become institutionalized within schools curriculum (Banks, 393). If African American Studies is enforced in an adequate manner it has a possibility to revolutionize schools and other educational institutions. This will train students to function and live with different races (Banks 391). African Americans Studies education maintains that students should have equal opportunities to learn. It and other ethnic based studies describes ways studies are denied opportunities because of their race. “Content integration describes the ways in which teachers use examples and content from a variety of cultures and groups to…

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