Why Eco Design Is Important For Product Designer Essay

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Currently, in order to protect the environment, a majority of companies prefer using the eco-friendly materials to produce products than the general one. According to BBC News (2012), there are some companies try to use sources which is friendly for the environment to produce their product, because these actions can decrease the impact on environment and raise the public awareness on environmental problems. Besides the global warming has been becoming worse since the 21st century, many companies start to make the eco-friendly products. However, it is very difficult for some business people to achieve the sustainable environment when they decide to manufacture products. Because the company will be stressed to invent new technologies to achieve the decreasing effect of the environment by consumers. (Kleindorfer et al. 2005, O 'Brien 1999; Sarkis et al. 2011, cited in Yalabik et al. 2011). This essay will focus on four reasons for why eco-design is important for product designer: the relationship between product design and the environment, the impact of eco-friendly product on economic, the effect of sustainable product on human and the technology of eco-friendly product.

Due to each stage of product design cannot separate the influence from the environment, it is the crucial problems for the designer to keep productions and protect the environment and several reasons are given for this. Firstly, if manufacture use ecology way to design product, it might reduce the impact on…

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