Why E Cigarettes Should Be Banned From Minors Essay

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E-cigarettes are a controversial public health concern that is on both sides of the health spectrum; they are viewed as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, but poses similar health risks. The 2014 article Why e-cigarettes should be banned from minors by Gary A. Emmett supports the belief that e-cigarettes have negative effects on health and should be inaccessible for minors. Although e-cigarettes are publicized as a safer and less addictive alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes are also argued to cause liquid poisoning and contain the addictive stimulant nicotine, and Emmett presents evidence to persuade the audience to control this product. Emmett’s article from the Philly news website was chosen for its representativeness principle, reflecting on his rhetorical output. Emmett is a clinical professor who specializes in pediatrics, writing articles on various subjects that affect children. The article selected is an average representation of Emmett’s work, while speaking out on the concern of e-cigarettes. A dominant theme in Emmett’s rhetoric is to inform the audience that e-cigarettes are addictive problems that are dangerous for minors. Emmett provides evidence to prove that e-cigarettes are more harmful than beneficial, clarifying issues from nicotine levels to carcinogens. Another theme Emmett states in the rhetoric was an announcement, stating, “… a proposal passed by a Philadelphia City Council committee… would add e-cigarettes to city’s smoke-free law and ban…

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