Why Dogs Make Good Pets? Essay

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(Please delete this example when creating your own log.) Date: 5/11Time:20:5920:5920:5920:59Level:2 | Title: Source/Link: Source Time: | Vocabulary:NonverbalPowerfulPowerlessHormone | | Notes:The speaker talked about two different body languages, one is high power posed and the other one is low power posed. They showed totally different. For example, when we won the match, we automatically high our hands to show that we are happy. This posed is universal. On the other hand, when people felt sad, they will look at the low position. However, she also mentioned that the body language could change our mind. We can fake it and then become real through body language. She said it
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How can she stay passionate? She said that even she doesn’t accept herself; she also feels that she is good. Even though she has problems in her life, she sees these things by positive mind. Also, she told people to start to do these things when people are little. We should start earlier to be mature. I like the way she talked because I really enjoy in it. This talk is not really difficult for me. | |

Date:5/14Time:19:2919:2919:2919:2919:29Level:2 | Title: Depressed dogs, cats with OCDSource/Link: http://www.ted.com/talks/laurel_braitman_depressed_dogs_cats_with_ocd_what_animal_madness_means_for_us_humansSource Time: 19:29 | Vocabulary:DiagnosisEngageAnthropomorphizeStereotypic behaviors | | Notes:She talked about that not only people have depression but also the animals have depression. How to treat them? She said that some psychologists found out the phenomenon of patients is by observation. We can also observe dogs, cats, and other animals and to know how to treat them. After watching her talk, I feel really interested in dogs or cats. They can have some behaviors are that I had never seen. They can be friend with other different animals. I really love this talk because it showed me that every kind of animals and people should be loved. You should know about what his or her problems and then try to treat them. | |

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