Why Does The Voting System? Essay

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Why Use Of E- Voting System? The use of Online voting makes the voting process effortless and beneficial for the voters to cast their vote through online and make them feel tranquil instead of coming to polling stations and cast their vote, It is the best way to the people who are disabled they can cast their vote through online without difficulty. The whole Election process can be ended quickly than the regular paper ballot elections. Risk factors like tempering the ballot boxes, casting the artificial votes forcedly; violating the rules of election commission can be avoided by using online voting system. By using this system, the voting cost can be condensed to an extent and make the election unbeaten. The people who are away from the polling station and who are not in a situation where they cannot vote, this method helps them a lot and feel them happy by casting their votes. “Engineers have repeatedly created new technology to improve the feasibility of electronic voting system. For those who have frequent occasion to Internet use, the option of electronic voting presents itself as a convenient alternative to the traditional voting methods.”
Challenges Encounters with E-Voting System The important elements and highlights of all democratic elections that make them distinct from commerce and provide a useful introduction to the issues of some jurisdictions have taken steps address some of these issues in different ways. However all these challenges must consider…

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