Essay Why Does The Pull Out Quotes?

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Why, How, . . . . then What Karen: Italics are for the pull out quotes
Over the next two years all SCSBC schools will need to begin to adjust their programming to meet the new BC Edplan (add link). In this time of transition it is natural for teachers to start by asking the very practical question, “What do I have to teach?”. This question has come from years of being told that they are accountable for hundreds and hundreds of individual learning outcomes. For over two decades teachers have been asked to plan learning in terms of individual learning outcomes. This has created a generation of diligent teachers who have struggled to keep hold of the big picture while meeting the school based and legislative requirements. Though natural, asking “What content am I teaching?” is the wrong starting point.
As each school develops their individual school’s manifestation of the BC Edplan it is essential that schools begin with their mission and vision. Planning significant educational change means that schools must start at the very foundation. The provincial government understands this is a meaningful way, highlighting the need for the educated citizen as the provinces foundation for educational change. Citation needed. For Christian schools the educated citizen is not enough, schools must align the explanation of the educated citizen with their own mission and vision ensuring that all decisions come out of these foundational documents. With a well-articulated vision and…

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