Pay Gap Increase With Age Essay

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Shouldn’t The Gap Decrease With Age? The gap also increases with age. Younger men and women pay gaps are closer together and expand further apart as women get older. Ages 18 to 24 the gap is at 88%, at age 25 to 34 it lessens to an 86% difference, and after age 35 the gap closes to 76% of what men earn (consequences for women). Why would the gap widen with age, when the gap should close because of experience gained? This is because of what people would called the “mommy penalty”. The mommy penalty basically is the effect of women having children and being penalized for it in their job. Economist have stated women having children causes them to take a break from the labor force which leads to women not gaining tenure or experience. This break from the labor force can lower a woman earnings over her lifetime. So what economist are trying to tell women is that because you want children and have to go on sabbatical and want to take time out to raise your children you can’t make tenure. But women shouldn’t have to punished for wanting kids or wanting to raise them. It seems like the gender pay gap was created to …show more content…
Nick Corcodilos, a reporter for Ask The Headhunter, says that everything you read about the pay gap leads to the following: “have kids; interrupt their careers for their families; don’t have the right education (e.g., math and science), so they can’t get good jobs; are nurturing, so they don’t negotiate hard for equal pay; don’t like to argue; lack confidence; let their men (who are also managers) get away without doing household chores — so those men don’t know they should pay women fairly” (Corcodilos). If women would change then the pay gap would shrink is what everyone says but Nick believes this is incorrect; and that who really needs to change is the employers. It’s the employers who decide who gets hired and how much they get paid

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