Why Does One Choose Nursing? Essay

1373 Words Oct 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Why does one choose nursing? A question that can only be answered, through one’s true passion and resilience regarding the profession. Nursing in the past, has often been associated as vocationally calling to perform a virtuous role (price, 2011). A profession that has historically been “untaught”, and merely performed out of compassion and the wish to help others (?cite book). It has been attributed to individuals with an innate calling to care for the needy based on their experience and observation. According to Florence Nightingale, they played a role in which they put the patient in the best position for nature to act upon. Which was done so, by creating an interpersonal health care environment and relationship with the patient that went beyond medicine (Gotllieb, 2014). In today’s society these attributes of compassion and care still reside with nurses. However, we have moved beyond observational education, due to Florence Nightingale, educating nursing with the required scientific and theoretical skills has become an essential requirement in becoming a nurse. Although, our ability to provide interpersonal care and compassion set us aside from other health care professionals, and still remains one of the reasons students choose nursing. In fact, this paper will discuss my personal motivation of choosing nursing; the personal influences that affected my decision, the desire to advocate for patient needs, and ability to provide holistic and comprehensive care in a…

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