Essay Why Does My English Suck?

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As a student, I have always asked myself the same question in every grade, “Why does my English suck?” In school, I was the student that would just get by with C’s and barely grasp the concepts that I’ve been taught. I could not understand why I wasn’t good in English, but it was my first language. Then I realized that I wasn’t great in English because I disliked reading, and that was one significant way of learning it. Eventually, I found myself in a classroom full of students who can barely speak and write English and I felt bitter.

By the time I entered the third grade I knew I had a displeasure of reading. It all started when my teacher Ms. Williams, a white aged woman with a hairstyle stuck in the 1950s in the 2000s assigned us a book to read with a book report to complete at the end. The book was “Sarah Plain and Tall” by Patricia McLachlan, I didn’t think much of it until I got home and had the book in my hand, I threw it and aimed for my bed but it fell under it and I forgot about it. I told myself I’m not going to read this, but my mother insisted otherwise. My mother has always valued education and wanted me and my siblings to feel the same way. For me, this was very difficult and took me a while to adjust, but it somewhat happened.

After completing grade school and transitioning into junior high school, every student is required to take the California Standards Test (CSTs). This standardized test measures achievement in English-language arts, mathematics,…

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