Why Does Evil Exist If There Is A Perfect God?

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Anthony Spanel
Philosophy 1301-3001

Why Does Evil exist if there is a Perfect God?

Throughout all of human history, the problem of evil has always been a question that we have struggled to answer. Many theologists have come up with theodicies that defend the existence of God and likewise many others have based their theodicies on proving that he cannot exist. Both sides center their arguments on one question. Why does evil exist if there is a perfect God? The answer to this question depends on the way that it is solved in conjunction to the two types of evil that we encounter in our lives. These evils are represented by the concepts of natural evil and moral evil. Natural evil encompasses disease, accidents, and all manners of catastrophes
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Evil exist in our world as a response to free will. It began with the fall of Adam when he ate of the apple in the Garden of Eden. He and his descendants gained free will but were cursed with the stain of moral evil for as long as they walked the earth. However with the ability to make their own choices, mankind became able to decide if they wanted to be morally good or morally evil. With the ability to make morally evil decisions, disease, disaster, and death inevitably entered the world as a result. Conversely, with free will came the ability to choose to utilize morally good choices. It could be said therefore that this balanced out the threat of moral evil because the individual can choose instead to be morally good. Another theological proof in regards to the problem of evil is Gottfried Leibniz’s theory of the best of all possible worlds. In his theory God created the world as the best of all possible worlds. He included natural evil in this creation because it allowed for the natural processes of the catastrophes mentioned above to occur in the environment to work together for a greater good. Without said natural evils, the world would be a stagnant place devoid of life and therefore would not be the best of possible worlds. God also allowed moral evil to exist because it brought out the best in humanity by giving them the ability to make their own decision for good or for worse. The last defense against …show more content…
Some critics might argue that the amount of violence and strife in the world outweighs the amount of people that choose to be morally good. However, in this respect I disagree because in our society we are expected to be morally good. Being morally good precisely why we hear about people on the news that abuse their free will and perform morally evil acts upon innocent people. To fight the influence of moral evil we use the media to see examples of what moral evil is capable of reducing us to if we allow it to influence our actions. To combat the abuse of free will, our laws for example are specifically designed to keep us making good moral decisions and avoid using our free will to make morally evil decisions under penalty of the law. The same can be said of religion. To avoid going to hell, we are strongly suggested to make morally good decisions to make sure we enter into eternal life after we die. In Catholicism, it is also a requirement to do good works to enter the kingdom of God. By doing good works we enable the peace of god to sprout at flourish in the hearts and minds of our fellow man thus perpetuating the good will. I also believe that god suffers with us and listens to the prayers of his faithful. There are countless tales of God’s compassion to his people that are listed in the bible. On the other hand, it is unfortunate to note that natural evil and moral evil can cause doubt in peoples mind’s about the

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