Why Does Cryptographic Software Fail Essay

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The question that we have before us today is simply “why does cryptographic software fail”. The most important building blocks for secured computer systems are cryptographic algorithms and protocols. They are based on mathematical foundations that are solid and provide authentication confidentiality and integrity. It is very difficult to turn mathematical equations into working systems. This is usually where the cryptographic systems fail.
Two actions to take that can help you avoid common mistakes made with cryptographic software
One action that a company can take to avoid some common mistakes made with cryptographic software is to avoid using their own encryption algorithms. When you have an in house cryptographic algorithm developer, it probably seems like a good idea to develop your own cryptographic algorithms. After all, how could you possibly break your own proprietary algorithm? Breaking an algorithm is easier than it looks, so that is why it would be best to use an industry standard algorithm because they are much harder to break. Furthermore, having an in house algorithm leaves you vulnerable, especially if the person(s) who created the proprietary algorithm leaves the company. So it would be better to use an industry-standard algorithm to help eliminate these type of problems. (Defuse security, 2014)
Another action that a company could take to avoid some common cryptographic software mistakes would be if they failed to test data recovery. If the…

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