Why Do You Want To Become A Radiographer?

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The healthcare industry is a driving force of our community, society, country, and world. To be part of this industry is what I have striven for. This industry generates massive revenue and determines economic stability and progress. Additionally, it touches the core of human nature, caring for people other than ourselves. To be part of an industry, where I can directly touch people 's lives at their most vulnerable times, would be an honor and dream for me. In 2005, I began taking college classes, I did not know what I really wanted to do, or how I saw myself in the near future. As a result, my GPA suffered, having no definitive direction for myself. I had not heard my calling. It took years, situations, experiences and maturity before I started having an inkling of what career I saw myself pursuing. It was when I had started working as a Transporter in Florida Hospital Celebration that I realized I wanted to be a part of a health care team, and have a career that centered in healthcare. Transporting …show more content…
The skills and knowledge that I will learn to produce accurate imaging in a timely manner, to ensure my work environment has zero tolerance to error. Knowing and enforcing prioritization in delivering fast imaging services and to understand which patients need emergency care based on the imaging results. Coordinating with other health care teams and being a team player, also to help ease patient 's pain and worries and to be there for the patients during trying times are just some of the many roles a radiographer assumes. The importance of radiographers in the health care industry cannot be understated. No course of treatment or cure can be started without the proper tools for diagnosing, of which radiography comes front and center. Finally, to be able to be one, Adventist University of Health and Sciences will prepare and equip me with its par excellence education and

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