Why Do You Want For A Harvard Greenberg World Fellow? Essay

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Why do you want to be a Yale Greenberg World Fellow? What do you seek to accomplish during your fellowship? 500 words

Yale University is one of the world top ranked and renowned academia and it would be my ‘dream comes true’ and lifetime experiences to be associated with its flagship leadership development program which will give me new insight and breadth of academic, cultural and social life at the University. More precisely, I’ll have the opportunity to interact with the Yale faculties, students and forging relations with the world fellow alumni. Since I’ve been working with my communication venture name NewsfeedPR alongside lso a freelance journalist reflects on youth entrepreneurship and social media issues, I believe the fellowship program will breathe in various ways. For instance, the curriculum of program will surely boost up my knowledge, enrich my professional endeavor as well as will get a platform for traction. The program will deepen my reporting skills to produce further on digital journalism and public affairs issues. It will also enhance my international professional network where long-lasting intimacy will be developed and I will be able to collaborate them in my future entrepreneurial journalism works. Besides, through the program, I 'll be equipped to get acquainted with new ideas and strategies addressing the development challenges and how it can be applied as a persuasive approach to improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Bangladesh. It will…

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