Why Do You Know How The Essay Was Established By The Sentences?

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Do you know how the essay was established by the sentences? Do you know how many types of the sentences have to have in a paragraph or an essay? How they are different from each other? And how can they work in the essays which make the reading more exciting to the reader? A basic structure is a sentence that is a group of words include subjects and verbs. However, if the sentences are too short, or it is not completely thought; it makes the essay boring and unexciting to the reader. In English language art, there are four types of the sentences; simple, compound, complex and compound-complex which combines together in an essay, and these lead the reader have an inspiration to read an essay.

First of all, one of a basic types is the simple sentence. A simple sentence is a group of words that include a subject (one or more) and a verb (one or more) that has only one sentence. Moreover, in the simple sentences, all the subjects have to come before the verbs, and the structure of the simple sentence is “S + V” which mean subject plus verb. For example, “I go to work.” with “I” is a subject, and “go” is a verb. Another example, “My wife and I wake up and have breakfast at the same time” with “My wife and I” are both subjects, and “wake up and have breakfast” are both verbs. However, if the structure doesn’t follow the rule “S + V” or “SV”, it is an incorrect simple sentence. For example, “I know you are studying your homework.” In this case, we see the structure of the sentence…

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