Why Do Writers Choose Paranormal Power? Essay

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Why do writers choose paranormal power as their topic instead of other more daily stuffs? As Kripal mentioned in his article, the mystical movement is in late 1962, and the mutant mythology is in 1963. A great amount of classic books and great writers appeared at that time. I believe that in that inevitable trend, more writers tried to do some experiments in the fiction and mystery book field, just like what is happening right now. “Authors and artists of popular culture commonly report similar experiences, and they just as commonly identify those events as the source of their creative powers” (3). I guess creative source is another important reason. In paranormal topic works, daily life doesn’t have to be the only source of the book, and that provides much more possibilities. One of the joys of this kind of writing is the ability to build complex world systems limited only by your imagination. Imagination is infinite; it deals with the present and the future, with potentiality, with vision and mission and goals with anything that is not now but can be. To readers, it can bring them a fantastic feeling of fantasy, and bring them into a mysterious world. Comparing with the feeling when you read a documentary novel, it is a completely different experience.

There is one more significant behind. To those writers who think they really experienced paranormal things, facts can express themselves through fantasy, and that some facts, being incredible, can probably express…

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