Beauty And Body Image Analysis

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How do I look? “Hey, ugly”, my so-called friends call to me as I’m walking towards the end of the street approaching the bus. I always thought they were my friends because we use to tease each other and call each other names. In seventh grade I was wrong. In fact they were bullying me. They used call me flat chested and made fun of my glasses and teeth. Of course I was as pretty as the other girls in the Glamour magazines. I was made fun of since 4th grade when I got my glasses. I want to exceed beauty and acceptance. The media has always shamed stretch marks, freckles, crooked teeth, glasses, being too tall or too short, etc. We have been told since the day we were born what is socially accepted in our society and what is not. When I …show more content…
Not everyone is satisfied with the way they look. In the article “Why Do We Struggle With Beauty and Body Image?” They talk about women in different cultures’ body images and how many women struggle with unhealthy body image. After they conducted their research they found out that their home life could affect the way they see themselves. They could have an overbearing mother worrying about their daughters calorie intake, which most likely would lead that daughter to be caught up in her body image and trying to be make her mother happy. Women from Western cultures have seen a higher rating of eating disorders. The media has always portrayed women to fit certain criteria, which has lead to women being so hard on themselves about their body and what they eat.. Women think that if they don’t like something about their body then they should fix it, as in getting plastic surgery. When I look in the mirror I see stretch marks, cellulite, and some fat that I wish wasn’t there, but I love myself anyways and those imperfections is just who I am. “And Christian women can learn to see themselves as God sees them.” My mother always told me that God made me in his image and that he makes no mistakes. I have been self conscious about gaining weight but I know that if I eat better and exercise I wont have to worry. Being raised up in a Christian family has taught me a lot about the way women should be viewed. The way that women have been viewed over the years are still the same, they are told that this is the way you are supposed to look and everyone believes it and tries anything to achieve it. Not me honestly, I just make sure that I maintain a steady, healthy weight and I’m okay with that. I do tend to stress about cellulite but I have learned to love my imperfections, because after all doesn’t our imperfections shown that we are not all the

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