Essay about Why Do We Sleep?

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Why do we sleep?
As we all know, one third of our life is spent to sleep, but very few people intend to lay bare the secret of that. There would be a question: why do we sleep? According to the video "The Function of Sleep", Tyson states that people are not very clear about the purpose of sleep, but some researchers believe that sleep could enhance memory. MIT researcher Matthew Wilson also illustrates the thoughts of a rat can be read by implanted the electric wire into its brain. According to a special project "rat maze", memory not only affects the rat finds the way with same pattern, but also generates the main part of its dreams. The video also concludes that the function of sleep is learning and memory, and it is not just a
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By keeping this system aligned and falling asleep when our bodies signal us to do so, we are optimizing our metabolic rates and cardiovascular systems, among other functions, within our bodies. However, if we struggle with a sleep disorder, we aren't letting our bodies do their best work. This eventually puts us at risk for more serious illness that impacts our longevity (Daggett). For example, a study of 10,308 civil servants in Britain aged 35 to 55 over 12-year period shows that decreasing your sleep time was linked to an increased risk of death. Basically, people who sleep less than 7 hours were more likely to die over the course of the study (Stibich). Third, Insufficient sleep could lead to overweight and obesity. Studies have shown that when sleep is restricted, the hormone ghrelin increases and the hormone leptin decreases. Ghrelin tells our brain that we're hungry, while leptin tells it we've eaten enough. In other words, when we don't get enough sleep we feel hungry, even if we've eaten enough (Stein). For example, in order to lose weight, my aunt has tried many ways, including keep diet and does more exercises; however, the effect is indistinct. I suppose that the main reason is lack of high-quality sleep. In a word, enough sleep is necessary to keep health. In order to enjoy high-quality life, we should foster our sleep habits as close to what our bodies biologically demand as

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