Why Do We Learn Information? Essay

712 Words Oct 8th, 2015 3 Pages
Imagine the chaos of papers everywhere and it is 1:00 A.M. In a few hours there is a test that you have completely forgotten about and in turn have not studied for. You have weighed the cost against the benefits and now are in a predicament. Here are a few helpful tips on how to study efficiently in a timely manner. The point of studying is to learn information. If hours are spent looking over the material and nothing is retained, but what a waste of time and effort put in just to end up right where you started. Well, maybe this will help, try planning time just for studying, where you’re going to study, and allot yourself brakes. Time and place makes all the difference in the world while studying. First, plan time for studying a test coming up in the next few days schedule three hour study secession. Then decrease the time as you go until you’re comfortable with all the material and when the test comes along stress is at a minimal. Try different times of the day to see when you are the most productive with the intake of information and stick with that time slot. The night before you get plenty of rest so there is no late cram session because you already know the material. On test day do a quick study of all the important points on your test. Studying in a week advance should help with confidence in the material and passing with a higher grade. Consequently, where are you going to study there are many choices, but, a place where there is no noise, and where you feel…

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