Essay about Why Do We Know If Something Has The Quality Of Being True?

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How do we know if something has the quality of being true? We usually rely on our own experiences or the experiences of others. We rely on what we can see, smell, hear, taste or touch. We use our five senses to perceive something as real, to a certain extent, but our thoughts, our beliefs, and our personal experiences usually tend to come between reality and the actual truth. We usually ask questions or people for advice and we tend to believe what others tell us. To what extent do we have to believe them? Is it because it seems true? Is it because it seems legit? The information that is given to us, how do we know if it is true? We have many questions, and not many accurate answers. We can be easily manipulated depending on how certain information has been acquired. The Conversation, The Lives of Others, and Truth in Numbers all record reality using technology. The Conversation uses tape recorders, The Lives of Others mainly uses a typewriter, and Truth in Numbers uses the internet. Technology and the accuracy derived from this source can be deceiving if the technology is manipulative in any way.
In The Conversation, Harry Caul is a paranoid, lonely man whose job is to eavesdrop conversations. He is hired by Stan, the director’s assistant, to record Ann and Mark’s conversations. We find out later that Ann is the director’s wife, and Mark is her lover. He becomes obsessed with protecting these individuals after a conversation he records. A conversation that Caul believes…

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