Why Do We Give Away Our Money? Essay

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Why Do We Give Away Our Money?

According to the United States National Debt Clock online, the United States current national debt on November 25, 2016 at 12:39 p.m. was approximately $19,816,236,050,000 and rising every second. It was rising so quickly that it was difficult to get an accurate number for the last hundreds of thousands of dollars and even while typing this paragraph the number had changed another ten million dollars in less than twelve minutes (United States National Debt Clock 2016). Since President Obama has come into office eight years ago, our national debt has increased from $10.626 trillion to almost $20 trillion dollars! Yes, that is $20 trillion dollars! (Knoller 2012). Why is this important to know? Since the average American citizen (47%) and not corporations (11%) fund the Federal tax revenue (National Priorities Project 2016), and the United States government is spending its citizens tax dollars on things such as foreign aid, especially military aid, to foreign nations that might not be in America’s best interests, it is important to understand where the money is going, how much is being spent, why it is being spent, and where it could used more efficiently.
When Obama was campaigning for office, he made some promises. Some of them were pretty good, but some of them were not so good for our economy. Such as, he said he would end the war in Iraq, which due to his arrogance, he did not. He just moved the big war over to Afghanistan, costing the…

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