Essay Why Do We Care About Juveniles And Their Academic Future?

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Across the world there are students attending school, now what happens if they are in contact with the judicial system, where does this leave their academic success? Why do we care about juveniles and their academic future? Statistic are against juveniles when it come to their educational success after initial contact with the system. In a study by Brown, Riley, Walrath, Leaf and Valdez (2008) about 62.4% of juveniles whom had been in contact with criminal justice system and returned to school showed difficulty performing academically. Additionally, in the study by Hirschfield (2009) found that juveniles that were arrested in the first two years of high school were 8 times more likely to drop than those who were not arrested. Furthermore, the study of Blomberg, Bales, Mann ,Piquero, and Berk (2011) found that students who were doing well in school and were arrested are more likely to return, and those who did return were less likely to be arrested in the following two years. The focus of this literature review is to find previous research that looks at the academic success of a juvenile post interaction with the criminal justice system.
Literature Review
Which leads into why it is important to be aware of these numbers, because if the research suggest that previous encounter with the system as a juvenile affects their academic success there can be more resources that juveniles can resort to for their academic success considering they are the future of the…

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