Why Do We As A People Fear Monsters And Similar Entities? Essay

1575 Words Dec 14th, 2016 7 Pages
Why do we as a people fear monsters and similar entities? Throughout history people have created stories centered around monsters who would terrorize communities. These stories would be used to rationalize findings they couldn’t understand. These monsters were used to rationalize dieses, deaths and many other occurrences. These monsters still persist in stories today because over time they would evolve past what they stood for and would become symbols of our primal fears.
There are many monsters that are capable of epitomizing certain fears and they are capable of representing more than one facet of our primal fears. One example would be zombies they represent a fear of death and disease. They are corroded sacks of flesh whom live to serve a singular purpose, to consume human flesh with no care or recollection for those they feed on. Another more modern example would be a fear of AI (artificial intelligence). We fear the idea of AI’s because we see it as unnatural, as us humans playing god and we fear that those creations will one day rise up from servitude and take away our power enslaving us in the process. There are multitudes of examples we could expand upon.
It makes me wonder are these fears rational in modernized society with our advancements in medicine, science and the logicality brought on by them? It’s hard to find a divisive answer for such a broad question but at an individual level they can be addressed fairly easily. So are these fears still acceptable the…

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