Why Do Violence And Bullying Prosper During Our Society Today?

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KABOOM! RATATATAT! P-SHEW! AHHHHHH! Sounds of war filled the crumbling ruins of Syria, with the constant bangs of guns mercilessly overpowering the heart- shattering cries for help. A thick layer of blood permeated the atmosphere, contaminating the fresh air with its nauseating, metallic taste. Littering the red- stained earth, rows upon rows of mangled corpses rotted to their very core. Desperately, lost children foraged around for their mothers, but only to be shot through with a size 9 mm bullet. That is the type of world we live in. That is war. That is violence.
Why, why do violence and bullying prosper in our society today? The most common answers to this question are depression and loneliness. However, in my opinion, power should also be condemned for the impetuous and hurtful actions we often do. After all, just ideate it, power and drugs are analogous correct? Once hooked on a drug, you would eventually become so hyped on it, that it could lead to demise. Likewise, once accrued power, you could conceivably become so enslaved by it, that you would do anything to receive more, even if it implicates the use of violence.
Growing up, I have yet to be directly affected by violence or bullying. Except, maybe the occasional taunt or shove, my childhood is fairly easy- going.On the other hand, that is not the case for every child in this brutal world. For instance, aged 13, Morgan Musson was a sweet and sensitive young lady with a major dream of becoming a…

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