Why Do They Do What You Think? Essay examples

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Have you ever woken up for your day worried? You didn 't want to go into school, or work, or any public place where a person may be unfriendly to you? Imagine having "friends" galore at one point in your life and they slowly begin to fade. You hear the whispers and your name gets tossed around. Some statements are truthful and the others aren 't. The ones that aren 't are the negative and they 're tearing your walls down. Picking you apart brick by brick. All you can do is just sit there, and let it happen. No help, no one else, just you, and the words from people who feel empowered by your lowliness.
However, in this scenario you are not the only one involved. What about the one 's that are making you feel so horrible about being yourself? Or even creating figments from their imaginations of despair? Why do they do what they do, you think? What could you have done to experience such misery?
Well there are reasons for everything, and bullying has no exceptions. There is a reason that bullies do what they do. And in this situation the victim isn 't the only one who is being affected negatively by what is occurring. Everyone involved. The victim, the bully, the bystander, etc. There are no winners when it comes to any form of abuse and/or harassment. Even though it may seem the person inflicting the troubles is defeating you with no problems.
Bullying can be done in many different ways. Some physical, some emotional, some online, etc. Real life examples are one of the…

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