Why Do Teens Get Acne? Essay

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Why Do Teens Get Acne? Have you ever noticed how acne is more common in teenagers than in anyone else? Although some adults still have acne, teenagers have more in their complexion than anyone else. There are many causes to acne: hormones, genetics, medications, cosmetics, and also effects related to friction on the skin, and stress. Also, there are many myths that say other habits cause acne, in general everyone could be disturbed by these chattels, however teenagers are more susceptible. As children approach the age of twelve, they began starting puberty. Therefore, their bodies start generating hormones. These hormones overwhelm the body, leading to the production of acne. Have you heard of sebaceous glands? Everyone has them. They are mostly located on the face, back, shoulders, and chest. The sebaceous glands are responsible for moisturizing your skin, and keeping it from being dry. Although in teenagers, it causes the skin to be a little too moisturized. The hormones that are shown with sebaceous glands remain quiet in the childhood stages. In the “Portable Pediatrician: Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Health” when puberty begins the hormones such as androgens generate the glands, and cause them to grow, and secrete more. The oil that is being produced tries to find a way to escape out and to the skin threw “ducts.” When this happens the skin becomes clogged being the cause of blackheads. According to “The Teenage Body Book” blackheads do not have dirt…

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